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The Leo last

Posted by Wyatt Gilmore on

The Leo last

It would be a wonderful thing if we could fit every person with one last. However, the "one last" theory is impractical and unattainable when considering the multitudes of foot shapes.  

The Grant Stone Leo last was derived from our innovator’s (Randy) experience fitting various classic-dress and orthopedic lasts made for an assortment of foot shapes. His goal was to combine specific features of comfort and orthopedic lasts with upper silhouettes of time honored Ivy League shoe patterns.

Developing a last takes months of fitting trials and adjustments. Volumes and proportions need tweaking when trying to attain the desired forepart, throat and shank fit while maintaining heel control and the desired look. 

The Grant Stone Leo last accommodates four major foot shapes comfortably. 

If your foot shape is high or medium arch, heavy splay or flat-flexible, you will experience a fit with proper support and stability, reducing foot fatigue. 

Please do keep in mind that when purchasing your Grant Stone welt shoe, the long held theory that "the shoe will stretch" should not be used. Our stout Goodyear welt construction does not permit stretching as most cement type shoes. Your initial fit should not be tight! Gentle pressure is acceptable but a snug crowded fit is discouraged. 

Looking to the future, we are working on some new lasts, including a dress shoe last for the likes of a classic balmoral pattern. A last slightly more elegant in appearance while upholding the fit and comfort features of our Leo last.

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