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The Easygoing Longwing

Posted by Wyatt Gilmore on

The Easygoing Longwing

The Crimson Longwing was our first longwing to utilize the rubber micro stud outsole, ideal for year-round wearability. In fact it is our only longwing with a rubber sole, giving the ability to dress it up or down.

The majority of our styles fall into this business casual category. Some might only wear these shoes with denim or chinos, while others strictly wear them to the office with slacks. We’ve heard even more of you elect to wear this pair with either method of dress. This versatility makes it a great shoe for travel.

Our Crimson Longwing is an eye-catching design and make-up. It is a combination of a classic American brogue pattern with a thicker, hot-stuffed leather and rubber sole. The materials and resulting pattern make it difficult to confine this shoe into just one category. 

Grant Stone Crimson Longwing

Similar versions of this longwing were introduced in the ‘40s and have been menswear staples ever since. “Longwing” got its name for the elongated wing pattern that reaches all the way to the back of the shoe. Keeping with tradition, it is usually coupled with a fuller, longer last when compared to the average dress shoe. This includes bigger welts, such as a split-reverse welt and thicker outsoles by adding a 2-4mm midsole.

The leather we opt for here is Chromexcel, tanned by the esteemed Horween tannery. This leather is not as commonly used for “dress shoes” due to the nature of the article – namely its thickness and oily/waxy properties. We, however, have found it is a great article that also works on some of the traditional shoe patterns due to the depth of color and character. Apply a little shoe cream and use a nice brush and the smooth surface will retain a vibrance to it.


Longwing Crimson Chromexcel

We decided to put the micro stud rubber sole on this style to accommodate the colder, wetter months. The studs give that extra grip. If you wear GYW shoes throughout the winter this is a nice option to have and requires minimal maintenance, even when wearing in wet weather, back-to-back days.

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