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Our Story

The Grant Stone story began and continues in Xiamen, China and Southwest Michigan. Co-founder Wyatt Gilmore spent 8 years in the Xiamen factory, learning the craft and Chinese culture en route to creating Grant Stone in 2016.

Together, we identified the opportunity to build Goodyear-welt footwear using premium leather components, delivered directly to consumers.

The Team


At age 20, Wyatt traveled to Xiamen, China where he began an internship at a Goodyear-welt boot factory. Over the years he developed a deep interest in the craft, while also learning the Chinese language and culture. His passion for the industry, along with a close relationship with the factory–the factory we produce with–drove him to begin Grant Stone in 2016.

Fun Fact: Wyatt was homeschooled to pursue a career in motocross as a teenager.


Lulu moved from China to Singapore at the age of 14 to attend secondary school. After graduating college, she went to Xiamen and started a Korean Women’s clothing shop. Wyatt and Lulu met in Xiamen and eventually married, just before the launch of Grant Stone. They have a daughter Emma, born in 2018.

Lulu initially lent a hand with Grant Stone reports and now handles the accounting.

Fun Fact: Lulu is a devout foodie and excellent cook.


With over 35 years in the orthopedic and welted dress shoe business, Randy has a true understanding of proper last fitting techniques and foot biomechanics. He ventured to China in the ‘90s to pursue the vision of making Goodyear-welt shoes using proven, old world methods.

Randy’s vision for a “no apologies needed” end product remains a cornerstone for GS’s quality commitments.

Fun Fact: Randy was a medalist in the Michigan Open golf championship back in 1987.


Two weeks after receiving a phone call from Wyatt to join Grant Stone, Josh packed up and relocated for four months relocation to Xiamen. There, he established a hands-on understanding of shoe making at the factory, while experiencing Chinese culture for the first time.

Today he is back in his hometown in Southwest Michigan at the GS office spearheading customer experience and order fulfillment, among other hats. If you’ve ever had a question, you’ve probably gotten a thorough answer from Josh.

Fun Fact: Josh has a 5 handicap in golf (allegedly had a lower handicap before starting at Grant Stone).


Joining the Grant Stone team right out of college at the age of 21, Parker dove headfirst into the world of Goodyear-welt shoes. In between long inspection days and fielding customer service mail, he quickly began to cultivate an understanding of leather and the GYW construction. His current favorite style: the Dune Traveler.

Fun Fact: Parker teaches Brazilian jiu-jitsu from his local church.


Allison began working with Grant Stone in 2018, writing articles and newsletters to keep our friends and supporters informed about the latest GS offerings while also uncovering the most interesting facts and stories about the industry and our partners. She is passionate about quality products, responsible supply chains, natural materials, and vintage design.

Fun Fact: Allison owns a women’s clothing label called VICENZI, focused on tailored blazers and custom remakes.


Starting in 2019, Lydia has played an essential role in building Grant Stone’s visual identity. She began taking photos at a young age and started her own photography business focussing on portraits in 2011. Lydia’s eye for color and tone was an immediate draw for the team. When Lydia isn’t taking photos, she is a full-time mom raising her three children (with a black coffee in-hand).

Fun Fact: Lydia has dedicated 20 years to multiple dance disciplines, focusing on ballet, contemporary, and jazz.